Jera Rune Meaning

The 12th rune of the Old Norse alphabet is Jera. Its symbol, composed of two angular marks facing each other, resembles the Eastern sign of Yin-Yang.

Like this Asian symbol, Jera expresses opposite energies that complete and help each other, that germinate. This rune represents production, fecundity, an annuity, or what is honest and permitted.

Jera Rune old norse meaning

Runic number: 12
Other names: Ger, Ar, Gera, Jeran, Jeraz, Gaar
Element: Earth
Equivalent letter: J, Y
Associate Gods: Nerthus, Njörd, Frey, Freyja
Translation: Year. Harvest
Meaning: Agricultural year, fertility, enjoyment
Gemstones: Emerald, Malachite, Tourmaline

What is the meaning of rune Jera: Fertility and Harvest

Jera is a positive rune, it warns you that everything comes in due time if you have acted with honesty, good judgment, and sensitivity. You can not harvest without planting, watering, or care previously sown.

It also indicates that what happens to you may result from causality. It is the consummation of what you did not solve some time ago, which has to do with the cause-effect relationship. You get what you cultivate.

viking rune Jera

The Jera Symbol as a Magical Amulet

As a Jera Talisman helps you in situations where your life undergoes a change. It brings you motivation and encouragement. In judicial or administrative matters is a great ally and also in matters of prosperity, property, or having children.

Jera Rune Meaning Love

In matters related to love, Jera indicates that there is a strong bond with your partner, and an important commitment is glimpsed. You may go through phases of some nostalgia, to expand relationships or feel the temptation of a timely getaway.

What God is associated with Jera Rune?

nerthu goddes jera rune

As Kenaz, the rune Jera is linked to the deity Nerthus, also called Hertha, Eartha, or Hlodin, goddess of Mother Earth and fertility, from which comes the identification with the rune Jeran.

Eartha is related to the original cow of Norse mythology, Audhumla, since Nerthus always appears personified in his chariot pulled by cows.

Njörd is the analogous male deity in the Viking ancestral culture for the rune Jera. Also called Niord, he was a kind of patron for seafarers and merchants of the sea.

Known as a magnificent fisherman, he appeased the storms and downpours and represents that which provides sustenance for our existence. He is the deity of new beginnings and the transfer of spirits. His followers were burned in boats in the sea when they died.

Both the mold of Nerthus and Njörd correspond to the same mold; both grant the riches and satisfactions of life: abundance, fecundity, concord, passion, and affection.

How to Interpret Jera in a Divinatory Reading

The interpretation of Jera in a Runic Spread is subject to the position occupied in the drawing, the runes that escort it, and the question asked in your query.

What does the Jera rune mean in the Runic Tarot?

This rune is favorable but asks you to consume the time necessary for the objectives to be carried out and completed satisfactorily. Jera reminds you of the need to wait for what has been cultivated to develop at its own pace, before harvesting the fruits, which bring you happiness and opulence.

Meaning of Jera as a person

It shows someone who does not mind waiting for the necessary period of each process to culminate before taking action. It is a person of rural origin and understands the cycle that follows the natural environment, adapting to it. She does not have expensive whims and has classical ideals.

Jera represents a man or woman who likes animals and nature. Like his simplicity, his principles are equality and honesty, helping in situations that seem unfair to him.

Meaning of Jera as a situation

  • You should be patient and wait for everything to follow its normal cycle without rushing situations. Your plans are going well, but they cannot be fulfilled overnight, they require time and attention. Jeran signals victory in your task, if you have been willing and honest.
  • It is an excellent time to close deals or solve bureaucratic issues. Jera is propitious if you expect to collect debts, retribution, or affirmative answers regarding teachings, love, and work. What you plan, progress, let it take its natural course, and reap your legitimate benefits.
Jera rune meaning

Jera as advice in the tarot runes

This rune recommends sensible and honest behavior in your waiting for the necessary deadlines for your plans to come to fruition. Act with humility, be open, and be positive in the face of difficulties; they are part of your renewal.

Organize and review your objectives while you are waiting, calculate the probable circumstances that may arise, and be constant in your task. If you do everything properly and allow for the forced gestation time, you will have optimal results.

Interpretation of the Inverted Jera Rune

This Viking rune is equal right and upside down, so it has no inverted position and brings a favorable meaning if you comply with the actions that Jera suggests as advice.

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