Nauthiz rune Meaning

Nauthiz (sometimes found as Naudiz) is the tenth runic symbol of the Old Norse alphabet. Its spelling is two lines intersecting in the form of a slightly slanted cross, evoking a heavy weight carried on the shoulders or back.

This cross sign refers to going through misfortune, pain, or being subjected to hardship and need. But it also alludes to personal sacrifice, enormous commitment, and even epic deeds.

Nauthiz Rune meaning

Runic number: 10
Other names: Nyd, Naudiz, Naudr, Nied, Naudir
Element: Ice
Equivalent letter: N
Associate Gods: Nótt
Translation: Need dire
Meaning: To need, want, crave. Deprivation
Gemstones: Amethyst, Obsidian, Quartz, Onyx

Meaning of the Rune Nauthiz: Need and Charge

This rune is associated with a complicated period, where needs or dangers arise. New problems arise or aggravate the ones you already have. Nauthiz teaches you how essential it is to understand your own shortcomings and disappointments.

Nauthiz Rune Meaning in Love

In sentimental, affective, and love matters, the Nauthiz rune shows a complicated idyll to control. Perhaps there is a lack of confidence in your partner. If you plan to formalize your link, deeply analyze the advantages and disadvantages before joining “for life”.

Naudiz rune

Nauthiz Symbol as A Talisman

As an amulet or talisman Nauthis grants you care, shelter, inventiveness, integrity, and concordance. Do not forget to be patient and wait for the mystical energies of the universe to play their role.

Goddess linked to the Nauthiz rune: Nótt


The divinity linked to the Nauthis rune is Nótt (Night), dark and gloomy like her father, the dark giant Nörfi.

The goddess Nótt is the mother of the gods Aud, which she had with Naglfari; of Jörd (Mother Earth), which she had with Annar and of Daeg or Dagr (the Day), as radiant as her father Delling (Bright).

Odin gave chariots and horses to Nótt and Dag, with which they crossed the firmament. On the back of Hrimfaxi, Nótt impregnated the earth with dew at nightfall, and Daeg illuminated the breeze and the world with the mane of his steed Skinfaxi.

How to interpret Nauthiz in a Runic Spread

The interpretation of Nauthiz in a Runic Spread is linked to the position in which it appears, together with the place of the other runes in relation to it, whether it is upright or inverted, and will also depend on what you consult.

What does Nauthiz mean in a rune in the right position?

This rune indicates a period of obstacles and the obligation to accept that you will carry that weight or cross until you recognize the new situation. You need courage and effort to face a distressing but irremediable scenario. You must assimilate how far you can go and the disappointments that this unhappy stage causes.

Meaning of Nauthis as a person

It shows someone who demands a lot from himself and is scrupulous. This is a person who usually accepts enormous competition and deals with difficult problems, as his life has been hard. This being is a fighter who only knows how to live facing the challenges posed by life and denotes that he carries his “cross” on his shoulders.

Meaning of Nauthiz as a situation

  • This rune warns you of difficult circumstances that require you to know how to control your limitations and learn the lessons that these difficulties bring you. Possibly many actions and impediments are originated by yourself, whether you are aware of it or not.
  • The misfortunes, shortages, or pain you are currently suffering, show you that you have to give up something in search of a greater benefit, settle outstanding debts, remedy evils, and face difficulties.
  • Nauthiz tells you to hold back from the hard stage you are going through and asks you to think deeply about your intentions, especially if they are achievable or not. Being constant to regain balance in your life and with a positive attitude, you will see the way out of this painful trance.
Nauthiz rune tarot

Nauthiz as advice in the tarot of runes

Naud or Nauthiz is to discover your dark and subduing part, that weakness that slows your progress and causes desolation in your life. When this dark part comes to light, you can clearly appreciate where your nemesis is, often being yourself.

Analyze what part of your way of causing, the obstacles. Admit that problems, frustrations, and impediments teach you and guide you to be better, becoming your allies. Allow the supposed difficulties to improve the link with your inner Self. This change leads you to evolution.

Interpretation of the Inverted Nauthiz Rune

In this position, Nauthiz refers to lies, bad decisions or suggestions, fears, and financial losses. This rune of denial warns you of how important it is to be patient to achieve any purpose or overcome a complicated moment. Nauthis reversed points to something that is frustrating, limiting, and hurting you.

The meaning of Nauthiz inverted as a person

It is someone who endures too much competition without being capable of so much. A person who improvises temporary patches in the face of problems but usually does not achieve their work or personal intentions. This being is a dark, little fighter and does not know the satisfaction of a moment of glory or success in his life.

What does Naudiz in an inverted position mean as a situation?

carta tarot runica Nauthiz inverted
  • Delays that make it necessary to give up something important: benefits, job, leisure, etc. This forces you to have a positive attitude and to be constant, which you are not now, as you feel very exhausted, so this work will be cumbersome for you.
  • When Nauthiz appears inverted, it indicates that problems increase, that your dedication will not achieve optimal results until you discover your true motives or that it is time to draw another goal and give the best of you in a new goal in your life or personal relationship.

Nauthiz Rune backward as a piece of advice

Check the extent to which you approach life as if it were your own problem. Nauthis recommends you “heal” limiting aspects of your way of being, in order to come out stronger from within. Enlighten your gloomy side.

Master your harmful instincts to remain balanced, positive, and humble. Admit your blockages and apply yourself to them, and analyze what inner attitude attracts problems to your world. When you see the Nauthiz rune without fear, you will admit the teaching offered in difficult times.

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