Ansuz Rune Meaning

Ansuz is rune number 4 of the Viking alphabet. Its spelling represents the form of an old and weathered person who bends forward with open arms, to give something.

This rune is linked to the god Odinn and symbolizes the different ways to communicate, the spoken word, human gestures, conversation, understanding, union, or rapprochement.

It alludes to perceiving or giving gifts, qualities, instruction, or enlightenment. The spoken expression and the exhalation of air through our mouths are firmly linked, for this reason, the Ansuz rune also represents the wind.

Ansuz Rune meaning

Runic number: 4
Other names: Ansur, Aesc, Aesir, Ass, and Os.
Element: Air
Equivalent letter: A
Associate Gods: Ódinn, Eostre
Translation: A god. Ódinn.
Meaning: Wisdom. A message. Communication.
Gemstones: Lapislazuli

Norse Rune Ansuz meaning and symbol

The Viking rune Ansuz means “Mouth” or “Knowledge” and symbolizes protection, knowledge, gifts, and talents; to a certain extent it reaffirms that even from falsehood, you will succeed in bringing out the truth. Ansuz moves you to transformation and even to a renewed life.

It evokes the origin of humanity, the two gifts of Odinn to Ask (the first man) and Embla (the first woman). These gifts are the breath of spirit and life (Önd), and mental inspiration (Ödhr).

Hence Ansuz is spoken word, poetic art, incantations, and magical mystical forces (galdr).

In ancient times, before the existence of writing, knowledge was communicated by voice and word, so the Ansuz rune means understanding, knowledge, preparation, and pedagogy. It is the rune of teachers and artists of oral and written language. It foretells favorable news and wise advice from expert people.

The Ansuz rune stimulates, and propitiates learning, and gives good things that you really long for and that are useful to you right now. It also indicates something you do not expect, pleasant surprises that will appear when you least expect it.

Ansuz rune Love

In love, Ansuz contributes to a rapprochement with your partner, connecting on things you did not know about each other. Viking rune Ansuz advises you to check your former life and not get carried away by whims and superficial things.

elder futhark ansuz amulet

Ansuz Rune meanings as an Amulet

As a talisman, the Ansuz rune brings you optimism, good communication, and pleasant relationships with other people. It also protects you against deceit and trickery and facilitates a greater ability to pray and exchange ideas with other people.

God related to the Ansuz rune: Odinn

odinn god

Odinn, also called Wotan or Woden, is the progenitor of human beings and of many of the Nordic deities. He is the divinity of knowledge, oratory, mastery, and courage, being a tireless fighter and seasoned in a thousand battles.

This supreme Viking god gave one of his eyes in exchange for drinking water from the fountain of knowledge Mimir, which springs from the roots of the sacred tree Yggdrasil, acquiring his wisdom. He could observe the whole world from his throne Lidskiayl.

Odinn had 3 wives: Jord or Fjordgyn, mother of Thor. Frigg, his favorite and with whom he had Balder, considered the most beautiful and beloved of the Nordic deities, and Rinda, who gave him Vali, the god whose purpose was to endure after the Ragnarok or end of the world and destiny of the gods.

The god Odinn was the protector, teacher, and guide of the other gods and the people. Knowing of the extinction of the gods after Ragnarok, he sacrificed himself by hanging on Yggdrasil for 9 days, to achieve divine revelation and obtain a way to continue guiding humans after his death.

At the end of that sacrifice, he found the 24 runes with the runic signs next to the sacred ash tree and took them to be shown later to mortals. Then the rune 25 was added, without any spelling (Rune of Odin or Blank), with the great symbolic power of everything and nothingness or universal certainty.

Woden was accompanied by the ravens Hugin and Munin, who left every day and returned to Odinn to inform him of all that was happening. He was also guarded by two wolves, Gere and Free, and when he rode he rode on the back of his loyal horse Sleipner, which had 8 legs and great speed.

Sleipner horse

How to Interpret Ansuz in the Runic Tarot

The esoteric meaning of Ansuz in a rune run is linked to its position, the runic symbols next to it, its inverted or normal orientation, and the reason for what you want to ask.

Meaning of Ansuz in normal position in a Runic Spread

It alludes to a process of change, but not internal, spiritual, or personal regeneration as it happened with the runes Thurisaz and Uruz. In this case, Ansuz teaches you possible improvements in your life through learning, improving your communication, and dealing with people who teach and advise you wisely.

Meaning of Ansuz as a Person

It shows someone who is gifted at speaking, either professionally or who has the gift to open up to others through words and clearly communicate their feelings and opinions.

It can also be a person who guides, teaches, and advises you. It is someone influential who has earned respect and when he or she speaks, people listen quietly. Ansuz is associated with teachers, scholars, presenters, writers, broadcasters, and journalists.

Meaning of Ansuz futhark Rune as a situation

  • You are living in a time when you can do what you like now, which inspires you and in which good things happen to you. Soon you will receive the information you just need, a pleasant surprise or the guidance you desire.
  • Experienced and wise people will enlighten you on what is troubling you, and the Ansuz rune portends expert opinions that you should take into consideration. It also refers to your attitude towards older people or people of high status. You should be tolerant and have a calm and sensible demeanor.
Ansuz rune tarot

Ansuz as a hint in the rune roll

Words are strong and used from the depths of the soul and from good sense, they bring healing energy. So, think wisely before you say something. Believe in yourself, free yourself and your words will come out naturally and resounding.

The secret here is to get notices, hints, or presents. A news item can mean a gift in the form of a new life full of new bonds or incredible confluences that guide you on new paths. Pay attention when meeting with knowledgeable people.

With Ansuz you increase your teachings, you evolve faster, and you meet new people who bring you growth; that is why he recommends you to observe attentively when you are with another group of people, even if it seems unproductive or fortuitous.

What does Ansuz in an inverted position mean?

The confused phase is due to an erroneous transmission of thoughts and opinions or due to an alteration of concepts. Possible slander, entanglement, or self-deception. The message that reaches you is the opposite of your goals, you lose focus, and relationships and the exchange of messages get stuck.

Meaning of Ansuz Inverted as a Person

It indicates someone with communication problems, either because he does not master or understand his feelings, or because he suffers from certain mood problems. It is an introverted person, reserved, not very talkative, shy, and possibly somewhat repressed.

carta tarot runica ansuz inverted

Interpretation of Ansuz as a situation in an inverted position.

  • This is a time when harmful news arrives, circumstances where you do not get what you expected, setbacks, and discrepancies predominate, especially due to a lack of dialogue or incorrect intercommunication.
  • You may miss a meeting you want and you will have to wait for a better time or restructure your planning. You feel overwhelmed or do not have the capacity to receive what is presented to you.
  • Stay alert so you don’t get into a phase where you think you don’t deserve something. Take advice from someone more educated and knowledgeable. It may be challenging, but it will contribute to progress in your work, your personal relationships, and your mental and spiritual growth.

Ansuz inverted as a hint in a rune roll

Be aware of the training you have acquired in times of difficulty and how resourceful you become when you admit the challenges that come your way. But be cautious in expressing yourself. Keep what you know hidden for the moment.

Reflect deeply before taking action, let your goals develop slowly, and don’t reveal them as they mature. Ideas need time to germinate, and Ansuz reversed suggests discretion. Think calmly about the necessary time, before announcing your purposes and plans.

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