Eihwaz Rune Meaning

Eihwaz is the rune number 13 of the Ancient Futhark and symbolizes strength, the core that encompasses everything, but also warning or alertness.

Its drawing represents the millenary Yew tree: the central vertical line would be the trunk, the lower line the roots, and the upper line the branches and leaves. Eihwaz is protection and advancement.

Eihwaz Rune meaning

Runic number: 13
Other names: Iwaz, Eoh, Ihwaz, Ehaz, Eihwas
Element: Fire
Equivalent letter: Ei
Associate Gods: Alfader (Alfadir)
Translation: Yew
Meaning: Yew, archer’s bow. Magic, Prevention
Gemstones: Sapphire, Topaz

Eoh rune meaning: Strength and Defense

Continuing with the meaning of the Ihwaz tree the vertical stripe (trunk) would symbolize the Self; the stripe attached to the top (branches), would be the future and the nexus with the divine; and the lower attached stripe (roots), represents the past as well as the origins, energy, and approval of the descendants.

The world according to Viking mythology was structured around Yggdrasil: in the branches was the abode of the gods and in the root lived giants, the deceased, and other ancestral creatures. Eihwaz would be the bridge that joins both worlds.

Therefore Eihwaz points to transparency and union with the supreme beings so that you achieve the highest of your abilities, leading to evolutionary growth.

viking rune Eihwaz

Eihwaz Rune meaning love

In matters of relationships and love, Eihwaz represents an inner transformation that unblocks what paralyzes you, making you move forward in your decision-making.

Eihwaz rune in love or affective matters is exaltation and contributes to knowing the hidden part of your consciousness.

Divinity linked to the ihwaz Rune: Alfader

Alfader god eiwaz rune

Alfader or Alfadir (All-father, father of all in English) is the Norse primordial god. He is considered immortal, with unlimited power over everything and everyone. He is linked to the qualities of the sun: energy, vigor, ardor, manly power (the father), etc.

The legendary Scandinavian book Edda manifests an idolatrous belief based on a single god (Gott Alfader), which would later appear in other deities, the most important being Odin, also known as Wodan or Wotan and who would create the runes.

Odin, the father of many gods, is considered Alfader or all father (father of all), but he is not. There is only one God who existed before nothingness, the all-powerful unconceived, eternal God Alfader

Alfader is more complex and is regarded as a supreme deity and creator who transcends Ragnarok and the death of the gods.

In some versions of Norse mythology, it is said that after Ragnarok, a new world emerged from chaos and destruction and that some of the surviving gods, such as Balder and Hod, were reborn and ruled in the new world.

In this context, it is possible that Alfader, as a creator deity, may have been responsible for the creation of the new world and the regeneration of life after Ragnarok.

How to interpret Eihwaz Rune Letter in a Runic Reading

The Eiwaz rune meaning in a rune reading depends on the position in which it is drawn, the place of the other runes in relation to it, and the concern or question consulted.


What is the Eihwaz meaning in a rune roll?

The rune Eoh alludes mainly to unification and is associated with the mystical Yggdrasil Ash, which integrates all the elements of the cosmos: the firmament, supported by the branches; the earth, fused to the trunk; and the spirit world, in the roots.

Like the Yew tree whose leaves are permanent, Eihwaz is a sign of life. From the Yew tree is obtained an enormously robust and at the same time flexible wood. This is why the Vikings used it for their bows, as it can stretch without breaking. Ewaz symbolizes defense and resistance against evil forces.

Meaning of Yew Rune as a person

This rune shows an honest person who easily finds the perfect way to tolerate adverse situations. He is an energetic and dynamic individual, but also prudent, understanding, and resourceful.

He follows the social order and fulfills his role in different scenarios of life. He knows how to defend himself and take care of his people, his plans, and his goods. He radiates strength, balance, attitude, and good sense.

Meaning of Norse Rune Eihwaz as a situation

  • Eiwaz tells you to be foresighted, as problems may arise at the beginning of a new stage. As a protective symbol, reliable and disperser of bad energies, it tells you that these problems require some endurance and seeing situations fairly. So you will see that you win even if you lose.
  • If there is a time for the forced stop, instead of harming you will benefit you because it gives you time to prepare better and see the pros and cons of possible solutions before acting. When you are clear about the action to take, do it with confidence, with Eihwaz on your side everything is on your side, he protects and supports you.
  • The difficulties that cross your path, appear to warn you of even more complicated situations since this rune alerts you that the obstacles are resources to boost your evolution and instruct you for the new cycle you start.
Eihwaz rune tarot

Eihwaz Symbol as advice in the Runic Tarot

You drive a new approach and eliminate harmful behaviors by stopping and examining them. Therefore, take interruptions in stride, without rushing anything or acting instinctively. While the situation clarifies, organize your family, work, or romantic affairs.

Remain lucid and serious, and wait for signs of unblocking to take action. Reflect calmly, calculate what you have available, and weigh the consequences of your actions. When you have all this work done, wait for the perfect moment to act.

Interpretation of the reversed Yew Tree Rune

This Viking rune has the same meaning in upright as in inverted position, as its spelling is symmetrical. Eihwaz always brings a positive character in a rune casting, as long as you follow its advice.

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