Kenaz Rune Meaning

Kenaz or Kaunaz is the sixth rune of the Old Viking Futhark. His drawing is related to the mathematical sign “less than” (<), which means something that goes from less to more (1 < 2), and inverted corresponds to something that goes from more to less (3 > 2), sign “greater than” (>).

This rune symbolizes the luminous ray of a torch, lighthouse, or lantern, which makes its way through the darkness. It is like a flame that illuminates and spurs to act or is like the lighthouse that orients the sailors. This divine light is linked to the inner illumination that disperses ignorance and brings clarity.

Kenaz rune meaning

Runic number: 6
Other names: Kaunaz, Ken, Kaun, Kano, Cen
Element: Fire
Equivalent letter: C, K
Associate Gods: Nerthus, Heimdall, Mimir
Translation: A firebrand or torch
Meaning: Heat, light, illumination
Gemstones: Citrine, Red Opal, Topaz, Bloodstone

Kaunaz Rune Meaning: Illumination and Opening

The Kenaz rune brings you greater clarity, awareness, and openness to a new period of knowledge. Kano symbolizes the emergence of new creative ideas, more wisdom, and better abilities and skills.

It is light, and talent to change and renew your own existence, ending with the past. But it can also represent apathy, darkness, absence of ideas, physical damage, or fire if it is inverted in a rune roll.

Kenaz Rune Love, Work, and Health

Kenaz rune meaning love recommends you rethink another way of dealing with your relationship where more communication and harmony are encouraged. You can also live in moments of intense heat.

In the work, economics, and health field, it is time to look for other methods to cope with your chores and to experience some new physical activity.

kenaz rune god of war

Goddess associated with the Kano rune: Nerthus

Nerthus goddess

This Norse deity is also referred to as Eartha (from the earth) and Jörd. Nerthus is the mother goddess and symbolizes Mother Earth and her intervention in human affairs.

It moves through the territories in a chariot pulled by calves and where it arrives, concord, harmony, and calm reign, bringing radiance and lucidity.

Nerthus protected and favored the natural world and in ancient times offerings were made to him, such as giving birth on his knees so that the baby, as a ritual, would fall to the ground and thus be consecrated by Mother Earth.

The goddess Nerthus is linked to childbirth, but as the earth is also a place of eternal tomb, this goddess possessed this polarity of the earth’s meaning: life and death.

Rune Kaunaz Interpretation in a Rune Reading

The magical meaning of Kenaz in a Runic Tarot Spread is linked to the position and the other runes that are added in the reading, as well as whether it is upside down or right side up, and finally to the question or problem consulted.

Divinatory Kaunaz meaning in a Rune Spread

After a period of shadows and doubts, new ways open up where you can glimpse the way to solve your problems. Kaunan means light that directs and channels. You will live moments of great creativity, your wit will flow fast and precise; you will feel the flame of passion and imagination soar.

Meaning of Celtic Ken Rune as a person

Ken rune Celtic describes a capable, resourceful and active person. Perhaps someone who is a reference, guides or influences many people by the way he/she acts. It is an organized individual, with clear ideas and resolute when it comes to making choices and decisions.

Rune Kenaz means in a Spread as a situation

  • You are in a very imaginative phase and you are on the right track. It is an ideal period to grow your projects, create new relationships and develop mentally and work.
  • In love matters, you live a stage in which you open up as a couple both, where there is a light that brings you sincerity, and mutual understanding, and in which you accept each other as you are, with the greater aptitude to share everything.
Kenaz rune tarot

Kenaz as advice in the runic tarot

Begin new endeavors, for this rune, like the lantern that shines in the night, evokes that you possess your own inner light, in the form of great plans and aptitudes. Use this imaginative and clear stage to map out your goals in life.

The Kenaz rune brings you that light that allows you to differentiate the insignificant from what really matters, so you can do without the insignificant. Change now, you have the clarity to achieve balance in your life.

How to interpret the inverted Kenaz Rune

Head down Kano signals that your thoughts are fuzzy and disordered. It can even reveal an absolute opacity, lack of knowledge, lack of clairvoyance, or lack of honesty towards oneself or other people.

Meaning of inverted Kenaz as a person

It shows a person unmotivated to act and somewhat self-conscious. He reacts slowly and maybe someone without strength, vigor, or a soft character.

carta tarot runica Kenaz inverted

What does inverted kaunaz mean in a runic reading as a situation?

  • You see your projects as they darken and you do not find solutions. At this stage, reluctance, and shadows dominate, and agreements and relationships come to a standstill. Find out the reasons for this and see to what extent you can master or not this gloomy atmosphere.
  • A sentimental bond may be on the decline or you may lose a great friend. Possible separation and rupture at a personal or work level. A plan is paralyzed, an era ends, and an end of the cycle comes that shows you that what you have done so far is not the right thing for your current capabilities.

what means inverted Ken Rune as a recommendation

It is necessary that you conclude stages, and renounce obsolete concepts that do not let you move forward and drag you into a tedious situation. Pursue the transformation that brings clarity to your existence.

Stand up and admit with wisdom and desire this new step you are about to take. The inverted Kano rune has a positive and renewing side if you open yourself to knowledge, recover your illusion and enjoy every moment of your life.

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