Uruz Rune Meaning

Uruz is the second of the Norse runes of the Viking alphabet. It represents the virtues of the Uro, an extinct, wild, and undomesticated animal, similar to the bull but much larger. The Urz brings to this rune it’s strength, courage, bold fighting, and even aggressiveness.

Uruz Rune meaning

Runic number: 2
Other names: Urz, Urus, Ur, Uraz, Urs, and Uraz
Element: Earth
Equivalent letter: U
Associate Gods: Ullr
Translation: Uro. The giant wild ox of Europe
Meaning: Physical or mental strength
Gemstones: Tiger´s eye

The Uruz rune symbolizes a transformation, a change, and a rebirth in an honorable, determined and courageous way. It indicates that your current way of living must disappear and give way to a new one where you can provide the best of yourself.

Similar to the transformation from boy to a man experienced by young Vikings at the age of 15, through the rite of hunting an Uro, to demonstrate their strength, courage, and daring.

Uruz Symbol of Fertility and Virility

Although the meaning of Uruz is linked to masculine vigor, endurance, and sexual potency, it also refers to feminine inner strength and fertility. Uruz expresses the determination and determination of every woman to face the challenges of life, taking the reins with determination and energy.

This Viking rune is mainly positive and announces a new origin or cycle in which you must renounce your previous way of living, take the helm of your life and act differently than you have done so far and with a better attitude.

It may seem to you that each step you take toward your new change requires a lot of effort and determination, like the child becoming an adult against the ferocious Uro. But transformation sometimes involves a fall into darkness, as part of that constant growth phase.

Uruz Rune amulet

We are human and you may find it hard to step out of your comfort zone and change; nevertheless, the Uruz rune signals that the evolution to your new way of life will always be better than your old existence.

Uruz Rune: meaning Love and as a Talisman

In love, Uruz augurs moments of unbridled and sometimes uncontrolled passion. You must be cautious, patient, and prudent so that it does not absorb you to the limit, nor risk more than is convenient.

As an amulet, Uruz fights against heaviness, discomfort, and confrontations, bringing inner will and complex decisions in the face of difficulties. Uruz represents personal rebirth: the death of your old self for a new superior one.

Always carry with you the esoteric power of the Uruz runic talisman.

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What God is associated with the Norse rune Uruz


Ullr or Ull is the Viking god linked to the rune Uruz. He was the son of the goddess Sif and the adopted son of Thor, who married the goddess after killing Sif’s real father, the ice giant Hrungnir.

Ullr is the cause of the harshest and coldest winters, which harden the brave Vikings. He is also a god skilled in hunting and with the bow.

The Uro was the greatest trophy for every Norse warrior. Hence this rune is also associated with the impressive animal that was the Uro, whose horns were used as hunting treasures, decorated with other ornaments, and used for drinking.

Uruz Spiritual Meaning: Interpretation of Uruz in a Runes Spread

The esoteric meaning of Uruz in the reading of runes will depend on the position it occupies if it is right or inverted and the type of consultation you make. Let’s see how to interpret it.

Meaning of Viking Rune Uruz in normal position

  • You must learn to listen to and comply with the warnings that come to you from the energies operating in the world. Redirect your efforts and goals, acting with determination, but not in an impulsive or uncontrolled manner. There are many opportunities behind what you only see as failures.
  • You may be losing something or someone you love or need, with whom you have such a strong bond that your life depends on theirs and you find yourself unable to live without them. But that is why you must take charge of your own life without being totally dependent like when we were babies.
  • Maybe at first, you think that the world is coming down on you with this loss or you feel it is an insurmountable setback. However, Uruz gives you strength and advises you to find a new and optimistic point of view on your new existence, to adapt to what this stage requires, and asks for your creativity.
Uruz Rune Tarot

Nordic Uruz Rune as a warning in a Tarot Spread

Your inner Self and the energy of the universe come together to reinforce your newfound way of living. As the Yang of Taoism, Uruz is associated with strength and tenacity but also reminds you that to succeed in your life, you must be humble and help others and then be helped.

Meaning of the inverted Uruz rune

carta tarot runica uruz inverted
  • Your obstinacy in not seeing or listening to the obvious makes you miss opportunities to grow as a person and in life. The Uruz rune sends you a sign to see these small setbacks and frustrations as the end of a stage is completed. Now it is your turn to act differently.
  • Uruz teaches you that what you see as a difficulty is actually a challenge. So be aware of this obstacle and of your strength to face it. Think that living is a perpetual transformation, a constant cycle of situations that die and are reborn.
  • Every personal experience arises, has a period of splendor, and ends in one way or another, to then live a different beginning. These are the rules of the life cycle. You must be resilient in the face of the situations that life throws at you.

Upside-down Uruz Rune as Advice

Always remember when you are at your personal peak to take advantage of the drive and emotional energy you experience, to give yourself 100% to it. And when you feel that you are sinking and you are without strength, hold on to the certainty that there is a favorable alternative and never give up.

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