Wunjo Rune Meaning

Wunjo rune is the number 8 of the Viking runic alphabet and its drawing resembles the branch of a fruit tree filled with fruit and ready to be harvested. This rune symbolizes the culmination of a job well done, a task or task faced.

Sometimes the Wunjo rune is linked to a lighthouse that illuminates the path (similar to Kaunaz) and sends you images of happiness, channeled way, and overcoming bitter moments. Wunjo is a triumph and intimate bliss, which encourages you to celebrate one’s

Wunjo Rune meaning

Runic number: 8
Other names: Wyn, Vend, Vin, Winja, Wunja
Element: Air
Equivalent letter: W
Associate Gods: Odinn, Frigg
Translation: Joy
Meaning: Happiness, light, emotional fulfillment
Gemstones: Diamond, Topaz, Amber

Wunjo Symbol: Joy and Happiness

Wynn is an enormously positive rune and symbolizes the achievement, success, and enjoyment of the planned objectives, thanks to good foresight, effort, and determination. It is the good and abundant harvest obtained after the sowing is done with dedication.

This achieved glory, besides bringing you more physical goods, popularity, or economic abundance, also enriches you as a person, making you evolve and develop spiritually.

Meaning of the Wunjo rune in Love

In love relationships, Wunjo indicates a meeting or a date. If there is a traumatic breakup, this rune signals that a rapprochement will occur. Act generously in love and you will get the reward you desire.

wunjo birth rune

Norse Rune Wunjo meaning as a talisman

As an amulet, the Wunjo rune brings you favorable luck, happy moments, and an inner ecstasy that is reflected physically. The Wynn rune pushes you to be better every day and to the enjoyment of everything you have achieved in love, health and work, as a result of your planning and knowing how to wait for the gestation of what you have sown.

Aphrodite goddes wunjo rune

Divinity related to the Wunjo rune Symbol

Although the Wunjo rune is associated with Odin and Frigg, it is not linked to any particular Scandinavian god. Still, it is associated with the divinities Venus, Aphrodite, and Saturn.

Wunjo contains Venus’s radiance, charm, and joy, and the examination, challenges, and complex teachings of Saturn.

How to interpret Wunjo in a Rune Roll

The premonitory meaning of Wunjo in a runic Tarot is related to its position, to the runic symbols next to it, to whether it comes out normal or inverted and to the question asked for help.

Wynn meaning in the runic Tarot in normal position

The appearance of Wunjo in a runic run is very beneficial. It represents the attainment of physical wealth, financial remuneration, or any triumph achieved as a result of sweat and toil.

It also evokes a complicated stage that you overcome successfully and today you get the favors of the effort made: you get the victory, you feel happy, you get prizes and you grow internally.

Meaning of Wunjo as a person

It alludes to a person recognized in his profession, lively and cordial. Wunjo shows someone productive, experienced, and resourceful. It is that individual who has achieved what he had set out to do and is currently enjoying the rewards of his determination, well-being, and success.

Meaning of Wunjo as a situation

  • The Wunjo rune is beneficial in the aspect of your life about which you consult and foretells victory against former distressing circumstances. After a time of readjustment, you possess great joy and confidence, but also considerable commitment.
  • The happiness you experience comes along with a renewed mood of satisfaction, previously repressed. The necessary transformation, for which you have striven so hard, has arrived and you can now accept the favors that destiny bestows upon you. Your existence becomes clearer and you glimpse that you are going where you wish to go.
  • Wynn augurs earthly benefits, inner joy, or a period of constant development, where the acquired teachings lead you to mentalization of your new tasks and obligations. You feel triumphant, that something higher is guiding your life and that you have advanced to a higher level.
Wunjo Rune Tarot

Wunjo as advice in a rune roll

You may have to abandon your previous ideas and projects in search of a new and more promising goal. Wunjo reminds you that you must leave ties to be able to take flight and symbolizes the necessary union between what you are and what you should be.

Thanks to the light that illuminates your current life, you take a new direction, taking greater and new competencies. Now is the time to realize what you have planned, since circumstances are on your side, but remember to be guided by the common good and generosity, to achieve joint success.

Interpretation of Wunjo Rune REversed

In the inverted position, Wunjo is linked to isolation, melancholy, and disappointment. Perhaps a circumstance or person hinders you and does not let you evolve or move forward. In health matters, it warns you of risks due to abuse and physical abandonment.

The meaning of the Wynn rune inverted as a person

It shows someone frustrated, distressed, and without leadership character. It is a person with no aspirations, saddened and sluggish. Perhaps it is an individual who has suffered material losses or has never been able to show his skills, so it radiates a huge sense of failure.

carta tarot runica Wunjo reversed

What does the inverted Wunjo rune mean as a situation?

  • Delay, is a tedious and painful phase, where you are unable to clearly perceive either the path you are following or the goal you wish to achieve. A moment in which everything seems diffuse and distant. You are probably going through a phase of uncertainty or you are about to start one, so you should make an intense inquiry.
  • You are in a stage of “rebirth” that is expected to be long, slow, and difficult, where your fears and disappointments of the child within you may surface and limit you harmfully. Wunjo inverted fills with sorrow, reluctance, or fear the way you see the world every day.
  • This negativity of Wunjo reversed makes it tremendously difficult for you to glimpse new perspectives. This inverted rune produces a state of anxiety and apathy, where there is a risk of mental contamination and unhealthy habits.

Wunjo rune reversed as advice

You need to develop qualities such as calmness, fortitude, and constancy. These virtues ensure you a fundamental pillar to see things clearly and to bring out the positive spirit that is paramount in this mishap.

This period of blockage and setbacks, seen in perspective, is nothing more than a challenge and a lesson. Don’t lose heart, focus on today and be an honest person with yourself and others. Hold on to the fact that this situation has a purpose of reinforcement and evolution, so as not to fail.

In times of trouble, the inverted Wunjo rune gives you a piece of advice: Let clarity into your life just as you raise the blinds in your home. Calmly find the truth within you. Rest, think calmly and the answer you seek will emerge.

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