Thurisaz Rune Meaning

Thurs or Thurisaz is the third rune of the Old Norse alphabet. Its graphics represent a hammer, a sharp tooth, a thorn like that of a rose stem, a branch, or a door.

The hammer refers to the Viking god Thor, a relentless fighter linked to storms. The thorn and the sharp tooth symbolize pain, the branch represents growth or holding on, and the door, the threshold or temporary inaction. Thurisaz comprises the polar opposites of life and death, thus signifying regeneration.

There are those who associate the Thurisaz rune with the ice giant Thorn, which in one of its interpretations means “Demon”, symbolizing the struggle between Good and Evil. Hence in the Tarot, it is represented by the arcane number 15 “The Devil”.

Thurisaz Rune meaning

Runic number: 3
Other names: Thurs, Thorn, Thuith, Thyth.
Element: Air
Equivalent letter: Th
Associate Gods: Thor
Translation: Giant, demon. A thorn. The god Thor
Meaning: Magical power. Temptation. A warning
Gemstones: Agate

Norse Rune Thurisaz: Inner regeneration

Thurisaz symbolizes the confrontation between the inner forces of good and evil. This rune is irremediably linked to the suffering caused by these internal conflicts, however, it is not a rune of action, but of stillness and meditation.

Thinking deeply and becoming aware of this struggle will allow you to make, in time, an appropriate choice in situations that you may find extreme.

Thanks to this period of rest and reflection, growth and inner regeneration will take place, even though the journey may have been painful. It will be your gateway to your new SELF.

Rune Thurisaz Meaning Love

The Thurisaz rune can be linked to the first and somewhat destructive moments in love relationships. When this rune appears in consultations related to love, it advises you to stop for a moment and evaluate the pros and cons before starting or continuing a relationship.

Thurisaz amulet

Rune Thurs in Work, Health, and Money

In matters of money or work, Thurisaz recommends meditating deeply before any possible opportunity arises, as it may have a greater risk than expected and get more harm than good.

In physical matters, this rune asks you to be calm in your actions, while advising you to accept your current form before rushing into uncontrolled actions that can worsen your health. Again, think carefully before proceeding.

Always wear the Thurisaz Rune necklace as a protection amulet

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God associated to the Rune Thurisaz: Thor

Thor Norse God

The god of thunder, war, and the fiercest fight. Thor is the son of the almighty Odin, is the strongest of all the Viking deities, and symbol of bravery and manly strength. He married the goddess Sif and had 3 sons: Magni, Modi, and Trud.

Thor always carried his hammer Mjölnir, which had the gift of hitting any target and returning to it every time he threw it. When he moved with his mighty chariot, pulled by two goats, incessant thunder rumbled.

These two ancestral beasts had the ability to resurrect the day after being sacrificed, hence the association of Thurisaz with regeneration and inner rebirth.

Thor’s hammer, represented in Thurisaz, indicates a dispute, a struggle between goodness and evil. Although in principle the Norse god of thunder is associated with a warlike and exalted attitude, he also possessed a methodical and wise nature. Like the rune, it encourages reflection in times of conflict, before taking action.

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How to interpret the Thurisaz rune in the Runic Tarot

The divinatory meaning of Thurisaz in a rune reading is linked to the place occupied with respect to the runes that accompany it, their right or inverted arrangement, and the type of question asked in the consultation.

What does Thurisaz mean in a spread in the right position?

When this rune appears it usually portends circumstances that are not pleasant. It announces that you have work to do within yourself and that possible avenues of improvement will emerge, which may open or close before you, by a simple stroke of chance.

Like a thorn that interrupts your rest and wakes you up, Thurisaz warns of problems and moments that make you stop or confuse you. This is why it proposes a time of pause and introspection.

Thurisaz Interpretation

Meaning of Thurisaz as a Person

This rune represents people who fight and give their best, either to take care of other people or to overcome the difficult situations of their own existence. Normally, for this individual, life has not been and is not easy.

Meaning of Thurisaz as Situation

  • Thurisaz’s answer is complicated, as it indicates a situation where intense changing energies are involved that require you to take actions you don’t want to take, but at the same time hinder each other, preventing you from doing anything else. So you have to prepare yourself for these confusions and difficulties in your life.
  • You find yourself in a moment when you have to admit an enormous obligation or face great adversity. Although it is inevitable to dodge uncomfortable moments, you can test your ability to observe how prepared you are to deal with them.
  • Pay attention to the work you have yet to do both inwardly and around you. Your concern now must be to cultivate caution and recognize the opportune moment to take action.
Thurisaz Rune Tarot

Thurisaz as advice in the tarot of runes

This rune recommends not to act until the environment is favorable. Do not cross the threshold without prior reflection. You are now facing your most hidden inner self. You must perceive and review it beforehand and calmly, before acting correctly.

Analyze your past, your triumphs and joyful moments, your challenges and your sorrows, before you go forward and cross the “door”. Determine all the circumstances that brought you here. Look at them, accept them and let them go, keep what you learned and the growth provided.

By letting go of your past, you claim your power and are ready to step through the gateway. Even if you have difficulties at this stage, stand firm, take on the challenge wisely and trust in yourself; you will find that you are capable of achieving much more than you realize today.

Thurisaz Inverted Rune Interpretation

A drastic and painful transformation is coming, one that you may not want to acknowledge. It is a sign that it is time to admit something you have been avoiding for a long time.

You must face your negative energies to learn how to change those destructive forces into productive ones. Failure to do so can cause enormous harm to others and to yourself.

Meaning of Thurisaz Inverted as a Person

A person with deep inner regret is living a moment of grief and pain, tending to feel sorry for himself. If Thurisaz appears together with other dominant runes, it may indicate a violent and self-destructive character.

carta tarot runica thurisaz invertida

What does Thurisaz mean by a situation in an inverted position?

  • Despite noticing that you are moving forward, you feel that something is suddenly holding you back. Don’t let this worry you. Take advantage of this stage of obligatory immobility to reexamine the past and add what you have recently learned. Whatever may seem to you to be obstacles and problems will only be illusory.
  • When you check the circumstances, the energies involved and your faculties, you will realize that the source of your transformation requires mainly the way you act in the face of difficulties, the clarity of your purpose, and the constancy of your self-determination.

Reverse Thurisaz rune as a tip

Do not make hasty decisions driven by fear or hatred, as you may regret it later. Look for your internal reasons to face the necessary changes from your honesty, otherwise, you will end up creating a bigger problem than the one you want to solve.

Calm your impulsive reactions until you assume them and dominate them as you wish. Try to be pure and firm in your choices. Don’t try to go where you are not yet capable. Stop, gather your strength and wait for the warnings that tell you that the risk is gone.

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