Gebo Rune Meaning

Gebo is the rune number 7 of the ancient Futhark, (Viking runic alphabet). Its shape resembles an X where 2 diagonal lines intersect at a central point. It is positive in character and symbolizes a timely meeting or perfect reunion between two people to produce an inspiring energy.

The meaning of Gebo is also associated with immaterial gifts such as freedom, equality, companionship, solidarity, affection, or alliance between individuals or corporations.

Gebo Rune meaning

Runic number: 7
Other names: Gyfu, Giba, Gebu, Gifu, Gipt, Gjof
Element: Air
Equivalent letter: G
Associate Gods: Ódinn, Gefn
Translation: Gift
Meaning: Love, fellowship, present, talent, ability
Gemstones: Sapphire, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz

Gebo Meaning: Meeting and Gift

The symbolism of the Gyfu rune represents a period of great triumphs related to the subject of your runic query. Gebo indicates that gifts or acts of kindness will come to you from others, or that absolute fortune and prosperity have now settled into your life.

Do not forget to be generous in your actions, as the positive forces act within the rules of receiving and giving. Gebo augurs times of great and fruitful ties, alliances, and personal relationships. Be impartial, fair, and balanced as a partner, so that the common purpose grows.

The greatest gift of this rune is the encounter and union with the divine and its influence on all elements of life. What is given unites people with each other, being the same the giver, the gifted, the giver, and the person who accepts it.

Gebo Rune: meaning love

This rune enriches a couple’s love and opens the door to future weddings or family formation. Gebo emphasizes that each couple member must give and receive in a balanced and honest way to consolidate the love relationship.

Gyfu rune

Gyfu Rune meanings as a talisman

As an amulet, the Gebo rune is used to find a partner, friendship, or for work relationships and partnerships. The field of love is used to strengthen the bonds of marriage, and sexual desire and feel a mutual attraction.

God linked to the Gebo rune

Venus goddes gebo rune

Although some people link Gebo to the god Odin or Gefn, this rune has no deity associated with its energy.

Gebo is linked to the higher power that exists in everyone and everything, being connected to the gift of free will from which all other divine gifts emanate.

Some modern creators have linked Gebo to the Goddess Venus because of the rune’s beneficial bonding power.

Gebo Symbol Interpretation in a Rune Reading

The esoteric meaning of Gebo in a Tarot of runes is related to the position in which it appears, to the runes that are next to it, and to the type of question asked.

What does Gebo mean in a spread in the right position?

It represents a sign of divine energy, found in everything that surrounds us and that is favorable to us at a certain moment or circumstance. Like two separate paths that meet in one place and compensate each other, like two souls that unite, improving each other.

If Giba appears together with other beneficial runes, it is very suitable for personal relationships, family environment, camaraderie, or forming a professional partnership, which is appreciated as a gift.

gebo rune symbol

Meaning of Gebo Rune Magic as a person

Represents someone sensible, appeasing, and even-tempered. Possibly a defender of the law or justice, or a person who feels at peace and at ease with herself. She does not shy away from her duties and is always ready to help, collaborate and join forces with others.

Gebo shows you someone who pursues balance in all aspects of his life, including emotional ones. This person is charitable, cooperative, and actively involved.

Norse Rune Gebo Divinatory meaning as a situation

  • This rune informs you of the moment and the favorable circumstances to achieve what you have proposed since it guarantees triumphs in the subject on which you consult.
  • Bonds, relationships, unions, or agreements are created, both in work and sentimental issues. Gebo is a sign of a perfect period to reinforce new links or to constitute a common group and to advance bureaucratic matters.
  • Gebo also represents brotherhood and welcome, indicating that now is the time and this is the place for what you wished for some time ago to happen, seeing it happen in a natural and orderly way. When it happens, be generous, and remember to offer in order to perceive.
Gebo rune tarot

Gebo as a hint in the rune roll

Do not despise or decline any gifts, favors or privileges that appear in your life, for they express the generosity of the cosmos. Be free and receptive to accept these gifts and take the physical and emotional help with which you are gifted.

This rune recommends you to be determined to collaborate with others, but without depriving yourself of your individual independence. Gebo warns you not to suffocate in that coalition, highlighting that the best union is the one in which there is a balance where everyone wins, without losing each one’s uniqueness.

The Gebo rune values another magnitude of connection with your fellow man. Pay attention to an even greater bond: the union you create with your Supreme Self and the ethereal.

Inverted Gebo Rune Interpretation

This rune is symmetrical and has no inverted position. Since Gebo upside down is impartial, you have to interpret it along with the rest of the runes that accompany it to see if the future union that arises is good or not and to know whether to do it now or wait.

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