Hagalaz Rune Meaning

The rune number 9 of the Old Norse alphabet (Futhark) is Hagalaz. Its graphic representation formed by two parallel vertical lines and a central diagonal one resembles the construction of the lattice, common in Nordic countries and used to reinforce the walls in the face of severe weather.

Hagalaz symbolizes unexpected hail storms that destroy what they find in their path and cause huge losses and other disasters. This rune is of a very negative character. It predicts tough times, sudden setbacks over which you have control, and physical or emotional damage.

Hagalaz Rune meaning

Runic number: 9
Other names: Hagal, Hagall, Haegl, Haal, Hagl
Element: Ice (Water)
Equivalent letter: H
Associate Gods: Held
Translation: Hail
Meaning: Damaging natural forces. Rupture.
Gemstones: White Quartz, Diamond, Opal

Hagalaz Meaning: Hail and Losses

Hagal is a symmetrical rune and its inverted meaning is the same as the right, resulting mainly in negative in both cases. The rune Hagalaz represents the hail and its devastating and uncontrolled force that devastates everything in its path.

This rune refers to sudden and impulsive blows that startle you, moments of crisis, liberation, maximum challenge, and collapse of old bases. Despite being negative, Hagall pushes you to be alert in the future, giving you greater dexterity in the face of difficulties.

Hagalaz rune meaning Love

In the field of love indicates a complicated phase, where the apathy between you and your partner can lead to the rupture of the relationship. A solution would be sex, as a release of all the tensions that occur to you. Hagalaz embodies the choice, and the obligation to distinguish convenience from the rest.

Hagal rune

Hagalaz Rune Stone as Amulet

As a Talisman Hagal brings you physical and mental stability. It supports you in facing the challenges of each day and energizes you by piercing the shadow side of perception. It benefits self-confidence and prevents destructive forces from gaining access to your territory.

Hel goddes hagalaz rune

Divinity related to the Hagalaz Symbol: Hel

This rune is linked to the spirits, affirming that it is able to evoke ancestors and the deceased. It symbolizes the inhaled “H”, which is breath, constantly linked to the soul. In Norse culture, Hagal can be associated with the deity Hel, who rules the world of the dead.

Hagalaz has links to the god Thor, swift to act and inflexible at times, but mainly for good reasons. Hail attached to summer storms on hot days and coming out of nowhere would come out of the wheels of Thor’s chariot, shaking everything in its path.

How to interpret Hagalaz in a Rune Spread

The magical reading of Hagal in the runic Tarot will depend on the place it occupies in relation to the other runes in the spread and the type of query being asked.

What does Hagalaz mean in a runic spread?

It foretells an arduous, devastating and threatening period, causing everything to totter. Hailstones ruin crops and can even injure or kill animals and people, depending on where the hail balls hit.

The rune Hagalaz tells you that something is hitting your life or will hit your life, concerning the subject consulted. The rune Hagal warns you of the next arrival of catastrophes in the sentimental, physical, labor, or money field.

Meaning of Hagalaz as a Person

It points to someone who knows how to manage moments of trouble and is able to cope with them. It is a cautious, scrupulous person and good at making plans. His tastes may be related to climatic changes in nature, medicine, or organization and strategy.

Meaning of the rune Hagal as a situation

  • You should be forewarned of the arrival of disturbances, disorder, lack, or harm. Perhaps you are going through a phase of personal identification or dissatisfaction with your current life. Be that as it may, Hagalaz signals the onslaught of a force that disintegrates something you thought was firm and reliable.
  • Uncontrolled events cause you significant harm. It could be a climatic mishap or disaster, a breakup, a job layoff, a failed project, etc. Be prepared for a sudden and violent turn in your life, which is why it is better to postpone your plans.
  • This rune recommends you admit and understand what is happening so that you can become mentally strong and grow. The harder the blow, the greater will be your metamorphosis, the transformation of your way of living, since the events force you to a total evolution. Think that after the storm the sun rises again.
Hagalaz rune tarot

Hagalaz as advice in a Rune Casting

Although you have no control over the forces of nature, you can be aware of the way you act in the face of adversity, accept it and assume your share of guilt resulting from that circumstance.

It is time for an inner evolution while you check the events around you, and your ideas and reactions to them. Everything can change, but what happens will be positive or not depending on how you connect with it. Do not suffer anymore and observe the new ways that open before you today.

The Haegl rune wakes you up suddenly and frees you from the daze when those sudden misfortunes come. Making you stronger, more prepared, and more aware of what may come in the future. The hail sooner or later disappears.

Interpretation of the Rune Hagalaz inverted

Hagal has no inverted position to be symmetrical, and curiously always acts inversely, because what causes you pain is a mandatory step for transformation, to awaken, and to reinvent yourself and be free.

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