Fehu Rune Meaning and Symbol

Fehu is the first of the Viking runes of ancient Futhark. It represents the goddess Freyja, mother and energy that flows endlessly. Its graphic image reproduces the horns of a cow (cattle). In ancient Norse society, cattle were a sign of wealth, possessions, and prosperity.

The Fehu rune symbolizes nature, fertility, money, the fullness of life, and power. Although Fehu is a rune of positive character, it also represents negative qualities associated with cattle, such as weakness of spirit, docility, or the submissive aspect.

Fehu Rune meaning

Runic number: 1
Other names: Feoh, Faihu, Foeh, Fe, Feo, and Fé
Element: Earth
Equivalent letter: F
Associate Gods: Frey, Freyja.
Translation: Money, cattle, wealth.
Meaning: Reward, wealth, food.
Gemstones: Carnelian, Green Tourmaline, Amber

Fehu Symbol Meaning: Money rune

The meaning of the Fehu rune is linked to money, possessions, land, and other material goods, opulence, and wealth in all areas.

Fehu has positive qualities that attract relationships and reward our daily efforts achieve. These achievements must be obtained in an honest way and strengthen our spirit so that they have real value.

Success, abundance, and happiness do not only depend on material goods. The greatest treasure comes from our inner wealth and from sharing it with those around us.

The Fehu rune in relationships brings us help, comfort, and encouragement, from the most earthly to our own soul. It shows us the inner power we have and our aptitude to recognize the richness in the people around us.

The Fehu symbol indicates that all that has to be fulfilled will be realized in the near future. It also embodies the energy of the creation of the universe and the first fire.

Fehu Rune Symbol as talisman or amulet

The Viking sign of Fehu is used as a pendant to attract happiness and a good life. Mainly, to get all kinds of goods and riches, physical and spiritual, or to attain love or to be fertile.

fehu rune power

Feoh: Wear the Rune of Wealth

The first rune of the futhark is widely used to grow our economy, and wealth and to preserve our most valuable possessions. That is why the Fehu rune is often seen as a tattoo.

You can draw the Fehu rune, wear its symbol hanging or as a bracelet, and put it in the background on your mobile or computer … think that it is the rune of abundance, so having it present or remembering it, will attract its energy.

Bring Fortune, Love, and Well-being to your life, by wearing the magical Fehu rune pendant.

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Never wear or place the Fehu rune reversed, since in this position it implies complications and material losses in your life.

Fehu Meaning in Love

It represents a pleasant and reciprocated love, where the union of the couple is full and robust. As its deity is Freyja, the Viking goddess of love, it forecasts a favorable future in matters of the heart.

God associated with Fehu: Rune of frey and freya

The rune Fehu rune is linked to the gods Frey and Freyja. In Norse mythology, Freyr, or Frey, was the son of Njörðr and the brother of Freya. He was the god of rain, the rising sun, and fertility. He is the favorite god of the elves.

Frey is one of the most important gods in Norse mythology, and was associated with kingship, virility, and prosperity, with the sun and good weather, and was depicted as a god of fertility, who “bestows peace and pleasure on mortals“.

Freya goddess fehu

Freya is one of the two main and most powerful goddesses in the Norse religion, along with Frigg, with Freyja being the most worshipped goddess.

The goddess Freya embodies beauty, young love, fertility, prosperity, and magic… she is also queen among the Valkyries, warrior woman, and protector of warriors in battle thanks to her powerful magic and also of the dead.

She is the goddess venerated to achieve happiness in love, bringing good pregnancies, and achieving favorable seasons during harvests. She is also linked to nature and the land of humans (Innangard).

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Freyja is the goddess of sensual beauty, her love life is very active and she is sometimes seen as somewhat promiscuous. However, she is traditionally regarded as the protector of unions, rewarding fidelity and generosity in love.

The Fehu rune can also be linked to the Audumla Cow, which fed and kept alive the Giant Ymir, the first being that existed in the world, according to Norse mythology.

How to interpret the Fehu rune in the Runic Tarot

The meaning of Fehu in a rune run varies depending on the question asked and especially if the rune is upright or upside down (when discovering its symbol). Let us now look at the interpretation of the Fehu rune.

Rune Fehu meaning in a runic rune roll

The right Fehu symbol always brings you something positive. Monetary reward, personal fulfillment, love, or greater material possessions, achieved through your own efforts.

  • It indicates financial benefits, wealth, and success, as well as the satisfaction of sharing it with others. It signals the beginning of a good run, where there is slack in your finances in the short term.
  • On the labor, front comes a satisfactory stage, recognition, and achievement of your planned goals. If you are not currently working, it predicts progress in this regard, including job interviews, offers, etc.
  • In non-financial matters: physical and mental fullness, great progress in all aspects of your life (emotional, social…), obtaining the fruits of your perseverance.
Fehu Rune Tarot

Rune Fehu as advice in the runic tarot

Reflect on whether what you want for your well-being is material wealth or rather a secure and fulfilling life. When you achieve your goals, enjoy them, and don’t forget to encourage and help others to do the same.

What does the Fehu rune in an inverted position mean?

It warns of a complicated turn, with difficulties of different kinds. Inverted indicates money problems or a decrease in earnings, being a stage of fragility, losses, or failure to achieve objectives due to a bad choice of actions.

carta tarot runica fehu inverted
  • It can be that your excessive interest in money, spoils the projects of those who are involved and end in irreparable damage. Unproductive time due to lack of desire, low self-esteem, greed, being frustrated, or feeling vulnerable.
  • If you feel that something you consider yours is being taken away from you…Stop! and think about why. Knowing that Fehu in reverse represents a cowardly, submissive or subservient attitude, check these actions in yourself to rule them out. Although sometimes there are greater forces that we cannot act upon.

Fehu rune Reversed as advice

Although the Fehu rune in an inverted position augurs difficult times and possible losses, you can accept it as learning in your life, meditate on the causes and serve as personal growth to face new challenges.

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