Eihwaz Rune meaning

Eihwaz Rune Meaning

Eihwaz is the rune number 13 of the Ancient Futhark and symbolizes strength, the core that encompasses everything, but also warning or alertness. Its drawing represents the millenary Yew tree: the central vertical line would be the trunk, the lower line the roots, and the upper line the branches and leaves. Eihwaz is protection and …

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Jera Rune old norse meaning

Jera Rune Meaning

The 12th rune of the Old Norse alphabet is Jera. Its symbol, composed of two angular marks facing each other, resembles the Eastern sign of Yin-Yang. Like this Asian symbol, Jera expresses opposite energies that complete and help each other, that germinate. This rune represents production, fecundity, an annuity, or what is honest and permitted. …

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Isa Rune meaning

Isa Rune Meaning

Isa is the rune number 11 of the Viking runic alphabet. His drawing is a vertical stripe, like a crack that cracks on the ice. This rune symbolizes delays, freezing, flight, or standing still. Isa represents circumstances in which the instinct advises you to stop and wait for a more propitious moment. Runic number: 11Other …

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Nauthiz rune meaning and symbol

Nauthiz rune Meaning

Nauthiz (sometimes found as Naudiz) is the tenth runic symbol of the Old Norse alphabet. Its spelling is two lines intersecting in the form of a slightly slanted cross, evoking a heavy weight carried on the shoulders or back. This cross sign refers to going through misfortune, pain, or being subjected to hardship and need. …

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Hagalaz Rune meaning

Hagalaz Rune Meaning

The rune number 9 of the Old Norse alphabet (Futhark) is Hagalaz. Its graphic representation formed by two parallel vertical lines and a central diagonal one resembles the construction of the lattice, common in Nordic countries and used to reinforce the walls in the face of severe weather. Hagalaz symbolizes unexpected hail storms that destroy …

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Wunjo Rune meaning

Wunjo Rune Meaning

Wunjo rune is the number 8 of the Viking runic alphabet and its drawing resembles the branch of a fruit tree filled with fruit and ready to be harvested. This rune symbolizes the culmination of a job well done, a task or task faced. Sometimes the Wunjo rune is linked to a lighthouse that illuminates …

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gebo rune love

Gebo Rune Meaning

Gebo is the rune number 7 of the ancient Futhark, (Viking runic alphabet). Its shape resembles an X where 2 diagonal lines intersect at a central point. It is positive in character and symbolizes a timely meeting or perfect reunion between two people to produce an inspiring energy. The meaning of Gebo is also associated …

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Kenaz rune meaning

Kenaz Rune Meaning

Kenaz or Kaunaz is the sixth rune of the Old Viking Futhark. His drawing is related to the mathematical sign “less than” (<), which means something that goes from less to more (1 < 2), and inverted corresponds to something that goes from more to less (3 > 2), sign “greater than” (>). This rune …

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Raido Rune meaning

Raido Rune Meaning and Symbol

Raidho is rune number 5 of the Viking Runes in Futhark alphabet. It symbolizes displacement, wheel, chariot, or crossing. It signals a change or movement, alluding to galloping or progress. It can represent both a material and spiritual journey. Every journey and evolution is synonymous with personal growth, which arises when you set out on …

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Ansuz rune meanings

Ansuz Rune Meaning

Ansuz is rune number 4 of the Viking alphabet. Its spelling represents the form of an old and weathered person who bends forward with open arms, to give something. This rune is linked to the god Odinn and symbolizes the different ways to communicate, the spoken word, human gestures, conversation, understanding, union, or rapprochement. It …

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